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This should be an anthem for all book lovers!

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It’s just sad that the the amount of books you can read in a lifetime is limited.

It’s just sad that the the amount of books you can read in a lifetime is limited.

10 real reasons why paper books are better than e-books.

Every paper book lover knows that the obvious reasons for loving printed books are: the smell, the opportunity to turn paper pages with your fingers, the satisfaction of looking at your real bookshelf, the process of choosing a book in a real bookstore, the ability to collect and use fancy bookmarks.

However, not many people know that paper books have some real advantages comparing to e-books. Here’s a list of 10 reasons for paper books being better than e-books:

1. If a paper book falls, it’s not going to break. You will still be able to read it.

2. Paper books don’t run on batteries, so you can read them as much as you want to.

3. You can lend a paper book to your grandparents without the need to explain how to use it.

4. If you drop an e-reader into water (this goes to those who love reading in their bathtubs), all your books will be lost forever. If you drop a paper book into water, it will look horrible, but you’ll still be able to read it and, if not, you’ve lost just one book.

5. Again, if you lose an e-reader, you’ve lost your whole library.

6. A paper book lives longer.

7. You can lend a paper book to a friend who has no e-reader.

8. You are asked to switch off your e-reader or not use it during landing and take off of the plane. You can still read a paper book though.

9. An e-book has a set size while a paper book can be any size which makes it easier to look at illustrations, images and art work in full size.

10. Now, as a book lover I admit that this is horrible, but still - you can rip out any page at any time from a paper book which might come in very handy for students.

Apart from these very useful points I’ve also thought of two more:

1. You can kill a spider or a fly (or any other insect of your choice) with your paper book without worrying that it’ll be broken or ruined.

2. You can put your printed book under a piece of paper when writing, simply for the convenience of it.

Of course all these advantages will not prevent people from saving money and reading e-books, but I just wanted to make a point that paper book lovers are not only old-fashioned conservative smell addicts, but there are also some real practical reasons for reading printed books!